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The Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship 2019

The Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship 2019 will run for five race weekends between April and August, adding Donington Park, Leicestershire and Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk and Oulton Park, Cheshire to last year's hosts Brands Hatch.

This year teams were allowed to make improvements to the car including a suspension upgrade from JRZ. Also the regulations for drivers with greater experience to score points this year meant that our driver, Ben McLoughlin was in with a winning chance but would have to carry a 30kg weight penalty.

The team are extremely excited about getting back out onto the track and working on the Restoracing car for another season.

We would be delighted if our customers joined us at the races, which will be held on the following dates and locations:

20 April - Donington Park, Leicestershire

4 May - Brands Hatch GP, Kent

7 July - Brands Hatch Indy, Kent

27 July - Snetterton, Norfolk

31 August - Oulton Park International, Cheshire

You can also follow the latest updates on the Porsche Centre Bournemouth Facebook page and Instagram page.

Donington Park

Round One at Donington Park

Saturday 20 April saw Porsche Centre Bournemouth start the second season of the Porsche Boxster Restoracing Championship at Donington Park.

Qualifying was soon upon us, knowing that this year all of our competitors would be nipping at our heels due to their upgrades and our 30kg weight disadvantage. Ben drove brilliantly and was able to out qualify the pack for both races for the day.

With a few hours between qualifying and race one the team had the chance to check over the car and make some changes to improve on our race pace. This included a brake fluid change, as the feedback from Ben was that the brakes had started to fade slightly towards the end of the session. 

Click here to read the full race report and a vlog can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Brands Hatch GP Circuit

Round Two at Brands Hatch GP Circuit

Just two weeks after the first round of the Porsche Restoracing Championship 2019, Porsche Centre Bournemouth headed off to the Brands Hatch for round two at the GP Circuit.

Our number 86 Boxster carried a series of improvements, including another 15kg weight increase due to our stunning performance at Donington Park, making a total of 45kg. This made the team a little unsure as what to expect at Brands Hatch along with no testing prior to the race as other commitments meant we couldn’t get to the track until race day.

With new brakes fitted and the extra cooling ducts, a few laps around the paddock would be all the testing we could manage. Thankfully even this little amount of test proved that there was still work to be done. It would appear that the new cooling ducts were fouling on the steering, so modification would be made quickly to get the car put through scrutineering and out for qualifying.

Click here to read the full race report  and a vlog can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Race 2 in the gravel

Round Three at Brands Hatch Indy Circuit

The rest of May and June flew by and then we were back to Brands; but this time we would be racing on the Indy circuit with just the Restoracing grid, as the Class 1 and 2s ran their own races.

The car was race ready and all we had to do was increase our weight due to club regulations. This was now at a staggering 60kg in total. Needless to say we were all starting to get concerned that the rest of the pack would be hot on our heels, but it would make for more interesting racing. This was very much apparent in the second race.

Click here to read the full race report  and a vlog can be found on our YouTube Channel.


Round Four at Snetterton Circuit

The Porsche Bournemouth Restoracing Team headed to Snetterton Circuit on Friday 26 July for the fourth and penultimate round of The Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship.

Qualifying was wet leaving us to yet again guess which tyres to choose as the rain was constant but not heavy enough to commit to wet tyres. In the end we stuck to a dry setting and for the majority of the session Ben sat nicely in pole position. However, in the last minute, Will in the Pink Pig put a stunning last lap in to beat Ben to pole by over a second.

Click here to read the full race report  and a vlog can be found on our YouTube Channel.

The Champions

Round Five at Oulton Park

The weekend of 30 August would be our last visit track side for the Championship finale at Oulton Park.

Race 1 saw us starting in a down pour of rain and for the first time this season Ben started on the second row.

Race 2 was even more exciting to watch and ended with Ben and Will, having to visit the Clark of the Course. This was for the Clark to decide on what action to take from the incident!

Click here to read the full race report and a vlog can be found on our YouTube Channel.

James Toye & Ben McLoughlin

Awards Evening

On Friday 11 October, the team from Porsche Centre Bournemouth attended the awards evening for the Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship 2019.

Hosted at Pennyhill Park Hotel, we enjoyed an excellent evening with great entertainment. After a video re-cap of the year, James Toye of Porsche Cars Great Britain, announced the winners. 

The team from Porsche Centre Bournemouth, Poole Accident Repair and driver Ben McLoughlin were delighted to be presented with the Overall Winner award for the 2019 Championship.

We look forward to continuing our racing journey next year with The Porsche Classic Boxster Cup 2019.

2018 Marketing Award

Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018

In January 2018 Porsche Centre Bournemouth was delighted to announce our participation in the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Porsche Boxster, so the Boxster (Type 986) is the 2018 competition theme.

Centres were required to both fully restore a car and prepare it to compete in a dedicated, three-round Porsche Classic Restoracing Championship run by Porsche Club Great Britain at Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

Our entry was a model year 2000 Boxster S (986) which was purchased from one of our customers.

The Porsche Centre Bournemouth Boxster attained huge success at all the races in the 2018 Competition, and the achievements continued as the Centre was awarded for our marketing efforts.