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Porsche Centre Bournemouth
Porsche Centre Bournemouth
Porsche Centre Bournemouth
Porsche Centre Bournemouth
Porsche Centre Bournemouth

Welcoming Dorset and Hampshire Porsche Car Clubs


Sunday 13 February Porsche Centre Bournemouth welcomed our two local Porsche Car Clubs, R26 Dorset Region and R17 Hampshire Region. 

Around 150 Porsche Car Club members and just under 100 Porsche cars arrived on Sunday morning at our new Centre to have full access to our stunning new build as well as to enjoy refreshments, served by Cool Coffee Cart/Taste The Bean.  Poole Accident Repair also attended to introduce themselves to the members.

The clubs were able to enjoy a stunning Classic timeline of Porsche cars through the showroom to the workshop that included:


1968 911 Targa Soft Window, only 268 ever built.

1979 911 930 Turbo.

1979 911 930 Turbo Martini Championship Edition, approx. 200 built.

1982 924 Carrera GTS, belonging to Derek Bell, given to him as a company car when he joined the Porsche racing team in 1982.

1987 911 930 Turbo Cabriolet Flat Nose.

1988 959, Number 291 of 292 ever built.

1989 911 930 Turbo.

1991 928 S4.

1993 911 964 3.6 Turbo.

1996 911 993 Turbo.

2004 911 996 GT3 RS.

2004 911 996 40th Anniversary Edition, 1963 built.

2010 911 997 Sport Classic, 250 built.

2014 911 991 50th Anniversary Edition, 1963 built.

Plus PCGBs 2005 E1 Cayenne S which they have commissioned us to build in Overland spec.


Despite the weather not being on our side, the Clubs did have a competition on the day for the best modern and classic Porsche.  Congratulations to Mr East who won the best modern Porsche with his Cayman R; and the best Classic Porsche was won by Mr DeKoch with his 1967 912.  We hope you both enjoy your bag of Porsche Lifestyle gifts.

All at Porsche Centre Bournemouth would like to thank all the Club organisers and members who attended on Sunday. 

If you are interested in any further events, please email info@porschebournemouth.co.uk