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924 Turbo
924 Turbo

Porsche GB Classic Restoration Competition


The 2016 Porsche Classic Restoration Competition entry from Porsche Centre Bournemouth was driven by three main philosophies: to find a car that needed the most attention in all areas, to find a rare model and to retain the integrity of the original car.

In order to achieve our third objective, it was imperative to approach the restoration in a methodical way, beginning with a complete vehicle strip-down and assessment of the interior, bodywork and mechanical work required. We also had to source any parts and choose a highly skilled partner to assist us throughout the process.

We were fortunate to have Nick Perry, our Classic Car Technician, with over 30 years of experience at our Centre. Nick knows this model very well, having completed many PDIs and services of Porsche 924s. It is fair to say restoring the 924 Turbo to its former glory has been a pleasure for Nick and he is very proud of the outcome.

“When I was first introduced to our 924 Turbo, I was slightly nervous about the task ahead, and just hoped that I could do the car justice. I know the Porsche 924 model well, so whilst I was faced with many challenges along the way, I had solutions and ideas based on my experiences over the last 30 years. It is hard to say which part I enjoyed the most, but it would probably have to be the final rebuild. To see the culmination of my blood, sweat and tears, made me feel extremely proud of what we had achieved. The enthusiasm shown by my colleagues and our customers was immense, and this only made me strive to deliver the best car I could. Having spent over 550 hours on our 924, it certainly took over my life, and I am sorry to see it finished – but in equal measure, completely delighted.”

Our fully restored 924 Turbo took pride of place at the Silverstone Classic event at the end of July. While our entry didn't win any awards, for us at the Centre, the car and Nick are both winners.

Next stop is the Nürburgring Nordschleife race circuit in Germany where Nick will take part in an historic lap of the iconic circuit.

Discover more about our restoration journey by visiting our Facebook page.

*Pictured above - we had the idea to recreate the 1979 advert for the Porsche 924, but using our restored car, the Dorset coastline and some of our team. We would like to thank Caroline Reed (photographer), Karl Meyer (our 'recreated' Dad), Sam Ainley (our 'recreated' Mum) and Tia (our 'recreated' daughter). Nick Perry had the absolute pleasure of driving our beloved car to the location, and we are all extremely pleased with the final picture. We hope you agree they are strikingly similar!