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Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018
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The competition

Porsche Centre Bournemouth is delighted to announce our participation in the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Porsche Boxster, so the Boxster (Type 986) is the theme of the competition.

Entries will be judged on various elements of their restoration including mechanical renovation, body and paint preparation and marketing activity. However, this year the challenge will be not just to restore the car, but to prepare it to race standards ready to take to the track later this year.

Each Centre will nominate a driver to take to the wheel of their restored Boxster and compete in three rounds of racing at iconic UK circuits including Brands Hatch and Silverstone. The paintwork will be of particular importance as each car must feature a bespoke livery inspired by Porsche racing history.

Please contact the Aftersales Team by emailing info@porschebournemouth.co.uk if you would like to learn more about the project. You can also follow the latest updates on the Porsche Centre Bournemouth Facebook page.

our entry

Our entry

Our Restoracing Boxster S competition entry was owned by one of our customers who brought it in for an MOT. We ended up buying it from him! It was a low mileage model year 2000 Boxster S (986) in Atlas Grey.

The car is being transformed from its original road-going condition in conjunction with our Porsche Recommended Repairer, Poole Accident Repair. Our livery is inspired by ‘Hippy Livery’, a bold combination of green and blue used on the 1970 Le Mans 917, except ours is red and yellow.

It’s safe to say that our entry holds a special place in the heart of Porsche Centre Bournemouth as it was originally supplied here from new. The Pre-delivery Inspection was carried out by Porsche Centre Bournemouth Technician and classic car specialist Nick Perry, who remains part of the team today, and the car has been maintained here throughout its life.

stage 1

Stage one: stripping the Boxster

The first stage of the restoration was to strip the car down. The engine, gearbox and front end component removal was carried out by Porsche Bronze Technician Jack Ward taking around a day to complete. Once removed, the engine underwent a full rebuild and the gearbox received a condition assessment.

As all of the team here at Porsche Centre Bournemouth were eager to work on the project, the full interior strip, including the wiring looms, was undertaken by third year apprentice Joshua Clement.

The empty shell was then ready for stage two.

Stage 2

Stage two: the aesthetic transformation

The Boxster bodyshell was cleaned and sanded to remove any corrosion or imperfections. A layer of wet primer was applied and then finely sanded to make the shell ready for the final paint application.

Glasurit 68 Line paint in Black was applied to the inside of the shell and the exterior was painted in Porsche Speed Yellow. Both shell and bolt-on panels were painted at the same time and temperature to ensure a seamless finish. 

The bolt-on panels were then refitted to the shell and aligned. Decals were applied to define the areas that required painting in Pearl Red to create our version of 'Hippy Livery'. These areas were lightly sanded, cleaned, and masked to stop any colour overspray, before the Pearl Red paint was applied.

The complete shell was then lightly sanded and given a final coat of lacquer, before curing in the oven. A final polish gave a smooth glossy finish.

Stage 3

Stage three: the 'race car ready' rebuild

As we are transforming our Boxster into a race car, FIA approved race parts must be fitted. These include race seats, a racing harness, fire extinguisher and a roll cage. The roll cage had to be welded by specialists, so we said goodbye to our ‘Hippy’ for a short time.

Meanwhile in the workshop, the engine disassembly commenced. Each component was meticulously checked for race worthiness. It was found that everything was in excellent technical condition, with only small components such as bearings requiring replacement. This, of course, came as no surprise - the car had been maintained in the safe hands of Porsche Centre Bournemouth since the year 2000.

Stage 4

Stage four: rebuild preparation

The Boxster’s paint work is now complete and it is having the roll cage welded in. So it’s time to assemble all of the new components ready for its return.

The rebuilt engine has been prepared for its flywheel and new clutch assembly to be installed and flanged to the 6-speed manual gearbox. All of the brake callipers have been stripped ready for a fresh coat of red paint with decals and new bleed nipples.

The exhaust system has been stripped and cleaned, the corroded heat shields removed and the catalytic converters wrapped in heat wrap to help contain the exhaust temperatures. New fixings and 02 sensors have been installed and the sports exhaust silencer finished in heat resistant paint.

The brand new M030 sports suspension, consisting of shock absorbers, coil strips, top mounts and bearings, has also been built.

Stage 5

Stage five: let the reassembly commence

The first job was to reinstall the main wiring loom, dash support bar, heater box, steering column and pedals. The dashboard was then reworked to fit around the roll cage, followed by the heater controls, instrument cluster and new steering boss and racing wheel. 

Brand new gear change cables and short shift selector were fitted, followed by the handbrake and cables ready for the centre console to sit over the top.

Next the car went on the ramp to start the suspension and brake system overhaul. All of the suspension was removed, with new anti-roll bars, drop links, new M030 struts installed. New rear track control arms and front rack ends were fitted. The car also received brand new lower arms and trailing arms - meaning every bush and ball joint was renewed.

With the new suspension installed, the Boxster received new Goodridge braided flexi hoses, brake discs and EBC blue pads in the freshly refurbished callipers. The suspension and brakes were now complete, excluding the geometry set up and bleeding the braking system. 

The front end was then rebuilt with new cooling radiators and hoses. The front bumper cover was cut for the towing eye and headlights installed.

The car was now ready for the marriage of the engine and gearbox assembly. This process was completed smoothly with new gearbox mounts, cooling expansion tank and fixings. We plumbed the engine in quickly, and were finally ready for the first turn of the key.

The car started first time with no issues and was now ready for the running in procedure to bed in the new piston rings and bearings.

Stage 6

Stage six: finishing and setting up

With the Boxster running and now back on its refurbished alloys wrapped in Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, the long list of ‘to do’ jobs was created to get the car race ready.

The power cut off switch was installed to the dash as well as the plumbed in Life Line fire extinguisher system, lap timer and rain light. The hardtop was assembled with new glass and Perspex side windows fitted. The rear spoiler and rear bumper cover were installed so the car now looked like a race car!

A full brake fluid and clutch bleed with racing fluid and a base geometry set up was completed, with maximum camber and road specification to set up ready for the running-in procedure.

The car was then returned toPoole Accident and Repair Centre for the fabrication of the door cards, bonnet and boot pins as well as fixed bucket seat installation to suit the driver.


Stage seven: shake down and preparations for the race

The engine has now had a good run and bed in.  Engine oil and filter change have been completed, as well as fluid flush for the brake system now that the discs and pads have had some heat cycles.

A second geometry check was completed once the new suspension had settled in, to ensure best set-up.

With the decals and race numbers now applied, we are ready for the test day on Friday 4 May. The spare wet wheels have had Pirelli PZero tyres installed and balanced in case the weather takes a turns for the worse.

Our Porsche-trained Technicians, Scott and Jack, have had a few late nights working hard to ensure the Boxster is ready for test day. So now its time to pack some tools and spares ready for Brands Hatch!

The team

Race One at Brands Hatch

Porsche Centre Bournemouth completed the first of three Porsche Classic Restoracing race meets at Brands Hatch on 4 and 5 May.

Our engine experienced a few teething problems during Friday's test day. An oil leak gave our pit crew of Porsche-trained Technicians Scott Gardner and Jack Ward a real challenge. They had no ramp, limited tools and parts and it was a very hot day with a very hot engine. But they, with the help of Parts Advisor Tom Sage, got our Hippie Livery Boxster back out on the track against the odds.

When qualifying began on Saturday morning, we were raring to go. The car and our Porsche Experience Driver Ben McLoughlin qualified in second place.

The first race took place at noon and Ben drove a near perfect race. He took home the chequered flag and achieved the fastest lap of the class, with a time of 1:46.982 and an average speed of 131.7 km/h on lap eight .  

The second race kicked off at 5pm. Our Boxster had already received lots of attention, making us the team to beat. Ben drove another fantastic race to take the chequered flag once again, achieving an amazing start to our Restoracing Competition. 

We couldn’t be prouder of our extraordinary team. When asked by a reporter what Porsche Centre Bournemouth will take away from this weekend, Ben replied: “Pride and sunburn!”.

The next Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition races take place at Silverstone on Saturday 2 June.

Team Silverstone

Race Two at Silverstone

Porsche Centre Bournemouth completed the second of three Porsche Classic Restoracing race meets at Silverstone on 1 and 2 June. 

During the practice sessions both our driver Ben and the car performed perfectly. We then went on to qualify in first place for both races.

In the first race, we lead from the front and won with ease. Another car had some engine problems which spilled oil all over the track - this caused a few sscary moments but Ben kept our Boxster on track.

In the second race, Ben pulled away from the pack at the very first corner to cruise to another win. Four races into the competition has given us four wins for Team Porsche Centre Bournemouth.

The ultimate compliment our car received over the weekend was, “What have you done to that car of yours?” (implying that we have modified the car in some way). Our car is completely standard and meets all the regulations, but we have built a sound and reliable racing car and we have an excellent driver behind the wheel.

The final race is at Brands Hatch on 2 September. Join us to see if we can make it a hat trick of races.

Team Brands Hatch, Festival of Porsche

Race Three at Brands Hatch, Festival of Porsche

The final race of the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition took place at Brands Hatch as part of the Festival of Porsche on Sunday 2 September.

When qualifying got underway, we were delighted when Ben drove the fastest lap to give him pole position for the final races later that day.

In between races, the team enjoyed the Festival of Porsche in the Kent sunshine. A dazzling array of Porsche cars, including 356 models and a Le Mans 919 winner, raced around the tracks. Porsche racing legends Magnus Walker, Derek Bell, Richard Attwood and Nick Tandy were on hand to share their stories with like-minded Porsche enthusiasts.

In the first race, Ben began a little too keenly, spinning the wheels which took him from first to third place. He quickly recovered and then led the pack for the rest of the race, even lapping other Restoracing Boxsters. Ben took the chequered flag in another victory for Porsche Centre Bournemouth with a 32.689 second lead.

The second race began perfectly and Ben pulled away from the chasing pack, until he was once again lapping other competitors. It was incredible to see our car perform so well - a real testament to our team of Porsche-trained Technicians. Once again Ben took the chequered flag with a 17.356 second lead, meaning Porsche Centre Bournemouth had won six out of six races!

It was a truly magnificent achievement and we are rightly proud of the entire team including Tom Sage, Scott Gardner, Jack Ward, Michael Gillespie, Evie Fox, Laura Taylor and, of course, our expert driver, Ben Mcloughlin.

Marketing Award

Presentation Evening

On Friday 12 October, the team from Porsche Centre Bournemouth attended the awards evening for the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018.

Hosted at Pennyhill Park Hotel, we enjoyed an excellent evening with great entertainment. After a short interview with Jonathan Mannell of Porsche Cars Great Britain, our driver Ben McLoughlin announced the winners.  

We were delighted to have been nominated in several categories, and even more delighted to be presented with the award for 'Marketing Activity'.

We are very proud of our team here at Porsche Centre Bournemouth and we congratulate everyone involved in this year's competition.

All the Boxsters from the competition are on display at the NEC Classic Car Event on 9 - 11 November, for all to see.