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Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018

The competition

Porsche Centre Bournemouth is delighted to announce our participation in the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Porsche Boxster, so the Boxster (Type 986) is the theme of the competition.

Entries will be judged on various elements of their restoration including mechanical renovation, body and paint preparation and marketing activity. However, this year the challenge will be not just to restore the car, but to prepare it to race standards ready to take to the track later this year.

Each Centre will nominate a driver to take to the wheel of their restored Boxster and compete in three rounds of racing at iconic UK circuits including Brands Hatch and Silverstone. The paintwork will be of particular importance as each car must feature a bespoke livery inspired by Porsche racing history.

Please contact the Aftersales Team by emailing info@porschebournemouth.co.uk if you would like to learn more about the project. You can also follow the latest updates on the Porsche Centre Bournemouth Facebook page.

our entry

Our entry

Our Restoracing Boxster S competition entry was owned by one of our customers who brought it in for an MOT. We ended up buying it from him! It was a low mileage model year 2000 Boxster S (986) in Atlas Grey.

The car is being transformed from its original road-going condition in conjunction with our Porsche Recommended Repairer, Poole Accident Repair. Our livery is inspired by ‘Hippy Livery’, a bold combination of green and blue used on the 1970 Le Mans 917, except ours is red and yellow.

It’s safe to say that our entry holds a special place in the heart of Porsche Centre Bournemouth as it was originally supplied here from new. The Pre-delivery Inspection was carried out by Porsche Centre Bournemouth Technician and classic car specialist Nick Perry, who remains part of the team today, and the car has been maintained here throughout its life.

stage 1

Stage one: stripping the Boxster

The first stage of the restoration was to strip the car down. The engine, gearbox and front end component removal was carried out by Porsche Bronze Technician Jack Ward taking around a day to complete. Once removed, the engine underwent a full rebuild and the gearbox received a condition assessment.

As all of the team here at Porsche Centre Bournemouth were eager to work on the project, the full interior strip, including the wiring looms, was undertaken by third year apprentice Joshua Clement.

The empty shell was then ready for stage two.

Stage 2

Stage two: the aesthetic transformation

The Boxster bodyshell was cleaned and sanded to remove any corrosion or imperfections. A layer of wet primer was applied and then finely sanded to make the shell ready for the final paint application.

Glasurit 68 Line paint in Black was applied to the inside of the shell and the exterior was painted in Porsche Speed Yellow. Both shell and bolt-on panels were painted at the same time and temperature to ensure a seamless finish. 

The bolt-on panels were then refitted to the shell and aligned. Decals were applied to define the areas that required painting in Pearl Red to create our version of 'Hippy Livery'. These areas were lightly sanded, cleaned, and masked to stop any colour overspray, before the Pearl Red paint was applied.

The complete shell was then lightly sanded and given a final coat of lacquer, before curing in the oven. A final polish gave a smooth glossy finish.

Stage 3

Stage three: the 'race car ready' rebuild

As we are transforming our Boxster into a race car, FIA approved race parts must be fitted. These include race seats, a racing harness, fire extinguisher and a roll cage. The roll cage had to be welded by specialists, so we said goodbye to our ‘Hippy’ for a short time.

Meanwhile in the workshop, the engine disassembly commenced. Each component was meticulously checked for race worthiness. It was found that everything was in excellent technical condition, with only small components such as bearings requiring replacement. This, of course, came as no surprise - the car had been maintained in the safe hands of Porsche Centre Bournemouth since the year 2000.