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The new 911

The new 911

Over more than 50 years of development, the 911 has stayed true to its origins. Through constant technical and aesthetic evolution, the 911 has changed the face of sports car engineering. Yet the unmistakable DNA of this iconic model has remained constant.

The 911 is continues to reinvent itself and set new standards, whilst remaining loyal to its heritage. Now this timeless car enters its eighth generation.

Meet the timeless machine.

Fuel consumption - Combined: 31.7 – 31.4 mpg. CO2 emissions - Combined: 206 – 205 g/km.

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Porsche news update - edition 3 2018

Porsche news update - edition 3 2018

In this edition, we focus on the new 911, the eight generation of this automotive icon. An ultramodern design that’s instantly recognisable as a 911, this latest incarnation, continues to be the perfect everyday sports car.

We also discover the new Panamera GTS models, built for performance, designed for practicality, appealing to both the sporty and the purist driver. The PanameraGTS and Panamera GTS Sport Turismo are ambitious in their scope, courageous in their design, and outstanding on the road.

We explore the Mission E Cross Turismo that will go into production following the success of the Taycan, as well as a range of gift ideas for the festive season from Porsche Driver’s Selection.

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The advertised price of all Porsche Approved Pre-Owned cars includes the cost of an optional Porsche Assistance and Porsche Approved Warranty insurance product. Cost included is for price indication only.

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In the showroom

2014 (64) (991) 911 Turbo S, White

2014 (64) 911 Turbo S GB Edition (991), White, 17,560 miles

The 911 Turbo S is the ultimate embodiment of the 911. Being one of the fastest cars on the public road, the Turbo S is highly desired, mainly due to its performance being so accessible in everyday driving situations. Thanks to the help of Porsche four-wheel drive and Porsche Torque Vectoring System, all of the car's 580hp can be fully applied to the road surface, with minimal loss of traction. Even in less than adequate driving conditions, which can often be the case in England, the Turbo S still provides class leading driving dynamics whilst maintaining an exceptionally high level of interior quality and comfort. However our example has an even greater connection to England as it is a GB Edition, produced to pay homage to Porsche success in the UK and 40 years of the 911 Turbo. Being one of just 40 cars worldwide, it is certainly a rare car in the marketplace and one that we are extremely proud to offer.

Please email us or phone 01202 983034 for more information.

2017 (17) 911 Carrera GTS, Carmine Red,

2017 (17) 911 Carrera GTS, Carmine Red, 10,100 miles

Sitting firmly at the top of the 911 Carrera line up the GTS is the fastest and more dynamically capable 911. For those that require an even sharper tool they will have to look to the GT3 or RS variants whilst if it’s the straight line performance that interests you then the Turbo versions have that avenue covered. Available in five model derivative the GTS comes equipped with the wide body 911 shell in both the rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive examples. Powered by the 3.0 twin turbo flat six engine producing 450hp the GTS has a 30hp uplift over the Carrera S and has the benefit from a whole host of additional standard features such as a Sports exhaust system, Sports Chrono Package and centre locking wheels finished in Satin Black. Known throughout the automotive sphere as the sweet spot of the 911 range the GTS certainly exceeds the expectations of an everyday sports car.

Please email  us or phone 01202 983034  for more information.

2016 (66) 911 Carrera, Agate Grey Metallic

2016 (66) 911 Carrera, Agate Grey Metallic, 6,750 miles

With design architecture that has stood the test of time since its creation in 1963, the 911 sports car has to be one of the most iconic and memorable cars of the modern motoring era. Our beautiful 911 Carrera, offered in Agate Grey Metallic with contrasting Bordeaux Red leather interior, continues the historic legacy set by its six predecessors. The combination of a manual gearbox and the newly revised, now turbo-charged, flat six engine still equates to one of the most refined, yet dynamic and involving driving experiences on the modern market. An optional sports exhaust specified on our car further enhances the emotive drive, subtly reminding you that you are behind the wheel of something special. Offering an unrivalled compromise between usability and performance, the 911 is still the ultimate practical sports car.

Please email us or phone 01202 983034 for more information.

2015 (65) Cayman GT4, Agate Grey Metallic

2015 (65) Cayman GT4, Agate Grey Metallic, 10,200

Aimed at a driving audience that desire a raw and puristic driving experiences, the Cayman GT4 was the answer to many prayers, with the Technicians from Porsche Motorsport finally getting their hands on the mid-engined sports car. With a challenging spot to fill in the market between the Cayman GTS and 911 GT3, it was crucial the performance of the GT4 with its 3.8-litre Carrera S engine didn't exceed its older and more expensive brother. With a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard and no PDK option box to tick, the GT4 is a true driver’s car with options such as 918 style carbon bucket seats and a full roll cage being just some of the motorsport inspired options. Designed as a race car for the road, the GT4's road presence and performance capabilities is unlike anything else the Cayman model has seen, putting Porsche's entry level GT car in high demand.

Please email us or phone 01202 983034 for more information.


2017 (17) Panamera 4S Diesel, GT Silver metallic

2017 (17) Panamera 4S Diesel, GT Silver Metallic, 9,960 miles

As far as breadth of ability goes the Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel has one of the largest spectrums between efficiency and out right performance. Combining the latest turbocharged diesel engine technology with the Panamera's sports car like handling dynamics, the 4S has class leading capabilities in both the performance and comfort sector. By implementing many of the design cues from the iconic 911, the Panamera is inherently Porsche and its driving characteristics certainly reflect the fact that we specialise in building sports cars. In a market as saturated as the luxury saloon segment the Panamera 4S Diesel is the ultimate non-compromise option for those looking for a spacious, efficient yet driver focused saloon car.

Please email us or phone 01202 983034 for more information.

2016 (66) 911 Carrera Cabriolet, GT Silver Metallic

2016 (66) 911 Carrera Cabriolet, GT Silver Metallic, 4,830 miles

When driving a Porsche product the senses are always heightened however it’s not until you have the ability to retract the roof that the emotional involvement is truly enhanced. Our beautiful 911 Carrera Cabriolet offered in GT metallic Silver continues the historic legacy of the 911 set by its six predecessors. The combination of Porsche dual clutch PDK transmission and the newly revised, now turbo-charged, flat six engine still equates to one of the most refined, yet dynamic and involving driving experiences on the modern market. An optional sports exhaust specified on our car further enhances the emotive drive, subtly reminding you that you are behind the wheel of something special. Offering an unrivalled compromise between usability and performance, the 911 is still the ultimate practical sports car.

Please email us or phone 01202 983034 for more information.

2017 (17) 911 Turbo (991.2) GT Silver Metallic

2017 (17) 911 Turbo (991.2) GT Silver Metallic, 17,100 miles

When the word "Turbo" is used in motoring context it is virtually impossible to picture any other car than the 911 Turbo. The "Turbo" name dates back to the 930 Turbo of the late 70's, a car that was renowned for being a handful to drive, but remains an icon of forced induction to this day. Our car is the predecessor of such a philosophy that turbocharging is the best way to extract performance out of smaller capacity engines. However, despite being a similar philosophy it is been extensively refined into a package that offers uncompromised usability, combined with raw speed and performance, whether on the public road or a race track. Thanks to its wide and muscular stance coupled with high levels of practicality and performance, the 911 Turbo is the pinnacle of the 911 model range and is highly desirable in the automotive sphere.

Please email us or call 01202 983034 for more information.


The Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018

Porsche image

Porsche Centre Bournemouth is delighted to announce our participation in the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition 2018.

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the 986 Boxster, a car that fundamentally shaped the Porsche brand and attracted a whole new generation of customers. To celebrate this, Porsche Cars Great Britain is running the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition and we at Porsche Centre Bournemouth are extremely excited to share our Restoracing journey with you. 


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Owner services

Porsche Service, maintenance and parts

Service, maintenance and parts

Your Porsche needs regular maintenance for optimum safety and performance. To help you manage the cost of this we have a transparent menu of pricing for scheduled service work and the cost and fitting of key replacement parts.

To keep you mobile and enable you to make effective use of the time whilst your car is being serviced we can collect and deliver your car or can offer you a courtesy car*. You may decide to wait at the Centre where you can use the free Wi-Fi and have refreshments or make use of a meeting room (if booked in advance).

*These services are subject to availability and meeting insurance criteria, so please contact our Service team to book and avoid any disappointment.

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Porsche Warranty

Porsche Warranty & Assistance

Porsche want to ensure you can continue enjoying your car even when things do not go to plan.  Porsche can offer you a number of reassurance products to give you peace of mind that we will look after you and your Porsche if the unexpected happens. 

The Porsche roadside assistance programme provides comprehensive cover in the unlikely event of a breakdown, anywhere in Europe. As part of the programme, a customer service team dedicated to Porsche customers is available all year round. They will ensure that the most appropriate kind of assistance is sent to help you, and will assist you with onward transport and accommodation, to meet your needs. If your car is recovered, they can arrange for you to have a courtesy car for up to two days from an approved list of premium manufacturers.

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Porsche Tyres

Porsche N-Rated Tyres

All Porsche Centres can precision fit ‘N’ rated tyres and offer a wheel alignment and balancing service. Unique to Porsche, the ‘N’ rating is given to tyres that have been approved by Porsche engineers in Weissach. Porsche Centres guarantee this standard by only fitting ‘N’ rated tyres to Porsche vehicles.

Advances in tyre technology mean that tyre wear or even mixing different brands, patterns or ‘N’ numbers, even if from the same manufacturer, could result in an increase in road noise and significant changes in shock absorption, steering and smooth handling. Your Porsche Centre stocks a wide range of ‘N’ rated tyres for all Porsche models to maintain your car’s performance.

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Porsche Body repair

Porsche Recommended Independent Body Repairers

Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd recommends specialist independent repairers for body and paint services to its national network of Porsche Centres. The repairers must meet strict operating standards specified by Porsche Cars Great Britain Ltd. Porsche audit the Recommended Repairers annually and continuously monitors their compliance with the Porsche standard.

Please contact us to find your nearest Porsche Recommended Repairer.

Porsche Exclusive

Porsche Exclusive

A guiding principle of Porsche has always been to allow each customer the opportunity to create a highly personal car and the ultimate expression of this philosophy is Porsche Exclusive.

Porsche Exclusive provides customers with a unique, personalised vehicle that meets all of their special wishes - in terms of both styling and performance.  The opportunities are endless against any Porsche model providing it is technically feasible and it doesn’t compromise quality. 

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